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Budapest y DDF Network

Budapest y DDF Network

I’ve been many, MANY months delaying writing this post , so it’s time to tell you the wonderful experience I had earlier this year filming in Budapest.

I discovered DDF Network in one of my porn researchs while I was living in the U.S.. The director turned out to be an extremely charming person, and with a few conversations we arranged some shoots as soon as I were in Europe again.

So, on January 17th and practically fresh from America, Zor, Amber and I took a plane to Hungary.

It was really cold and we nearly die frozen in the airport while we were waiting, but it was worth it : when the runner came, we discovered that the place of the shootings, where we would also be housed, was in the city ​​center and was basically a three storey mansion .

The house had so many things that there is no space to mention them in one post . It was something like a mix between the Playboy mansion and the New Yorker store of B&H: on one hand, hundreds of lights and diffusers, spectacular cameras and a technical equipment to remove the hiccups. And on the other, dildos, sex toys of all kinds and sizes, a dresser that doubles the size of my house and great props on every corner you looked .

Each one of the rooms in the house was decorated differently, creating different scenarios for each of the shootings. There was a complete sauna in one of the rooms! Seven-seater sofas, jacuzzis, and even a bathtub covered with snow on one of the terraces.

While Amber and I were totally excited with the hundreds of shoes that occupy the shelves, Zor was establishing our base camp in one of the rooms. We run to choose room, and Amber stay with one that has no light…Maybe next time! :P

We went to bed totally broken and needing to sleep, but looking forward for the next day shootings.

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